A timeless beauty of its kind - that's how a vintage differs from its other class. Marking up its smooth, classy and elegant design which signifies one's social status or official distinction. 

Vintage cars do not have the safety features that are standard on modern cars. Only limiting it to its most basic of safety features to the seat belt. Due to new technologies developed, new safety features were applied especially by used car dealers to bring anew its features and market value.
Moreover, vintage car collecting as an investment can be rewarding but most serious vintage collectors seek rare or exotic cars. Collecting these type of cars  as an investment requires much expertise beyond a hobby of collecting which needs the much investment protection such as storage and maintenance. Car vehicle storage facilities, offered by most used car dealers, do help its customer's valued cars to be protected and managed against the harmful effects of moisture.


Although vintage cars no longer produced, it's still pretty much a collector's item due to its rarity and high value. It might be not so visible to our roads these days, vintage cars still can be found to on motor shows or just being sold by used car dealers worldwide. 


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